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We invite users to register on our site to participate in our online engagement activities. This is a one-time registration and only takes a moment to complete. Your login can be used to participate in all of our engagement opportunities now and into the future.

All content on the site is viewable without login, but registration is required to participate.

Why is Registration Required? 

Registration on the site provides the following:

  • Access to all City online engagements - Get Involved is the City's single source for all online public engagement. Use your one-time login to participate in all opportunities with the City.    
  • A screen name - create a screen name that you feel comfortable using. This will accompany any public posts you make on the site.

  • Confirmation of submission - after you make a submission, you will receive an email that confirms your submission has been received and provides you a copy of your submission.

  • Notifications - if you choose to make a public post, you will receive email notification when other users like, comment, or reply to your post so you can stay involved.

  • Updates - from time to time Get Involved Thunder Bay may send you an email providing you with information about consultations in which you have participated or further opportunities to engage on that topic.

  • Accountability - by registering on the site you agree to our terms and conditions and are accountable for your comments. Submissions with foul language, racism, and other inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated or accepted.

  • Contribution limit - based on the type of engagement activity, we are able to set limits on submissions. For example, users can only submit once to a survey to ensure the results accurately represent participants.

  • Basic demographics (age range, postal code, gender preference) - by registering, we are able to include aggregate demographic information that help to inform the engagement results.

Thank you for Getting Involved with the City of Thunder Bay. View all of our engagement opportunities on the Get Involved Homepage.