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Things that would also be great additions

by Chef,

I would like to start with the art was marvelous, the ice fishing and skating looked very busy, and building small snowman/colouring are great activities . I do have some suggestions I hope someone will look through. It's hard to have your voice heard, as general public.

With the foreseen closing to more if the rinks in our city, having an official sized outdoor rink in the marina circle, I feel would be well used. (This is my big push) Bring down the lights, boards, and extra fencing for vehicles protection. Have the Zamboni come over two-four times a day, it already is using the propane. Keep the sculptures around the outskirts of it, as they already are, there are other areas that could be put to use already. Mariners hall and Bight are close enough to provide bathrooms, or a place to warm up.

Offer discounted rates to the food trucks, people will spend the money.

Flea/country market is the buildings not being used.

Bring the military, or ems services for the families to look/socialize/or watch (like helicopter flybys)

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